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By now,  many people are wondering if its worth while to install solar on their home or for their business.  For many people, the answer is  YES.   In many locations,  the cost of the system is worth it.  Find out the rules for homes & businesses.   Businesses are experiencing fantastic incentives making solar a great option to save money. 

 You may qualify for special government incentives.  In Utah, there is currently government assistance for going solar.    The Minnis Solar Consultants Team is here and ready to help you evaluate all your options and whether you can benefit from Solar.  Let experts guide and advise you.  

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Minnis Solar Consultants gather all the important information about your home or business situation.  We then link you with a company that can best meet your needs.  All of our services to the public are FREE of charge.   We may receive a fee from our contracted partners when you  choose to purchase a solar system from them.  We serve all of  Utah at this time, but  focus in Davis, Weber, Cache and Box Elder Counties.   Contact us to find out who we might recommend for you.  

Scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out our "schedule a FREE consultation" form.  This will start the free consultation process.  There is no charge for our consultation service and all information is held confidential within Minnis Solar Consultants, LLC unless express written consent is given to provide it to 3rd parties including our contracted providers.

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We stand behind our independent residential and business solar experts.  Each business is thoroughly vetted and personally evaluated before being recommended.  We partner with the most reliable companies we can find. To get connected with the best provider for YOUR needs complete the "Schedule a FREE Consultation Form" below.


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The dynamic developing solar industry can be hard to navigate.  Here at Minnis Solar Consultants, LLC we strive to keep you informed of key issues going on in Utah and surrounding States.


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It's hard to know who to trust when considering putting solar on your home or business.   We do the homework for you and point you in the right direction.    It seems every company has a different answer for the same questions.    Turn to us for reliable answers to your questions.  

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$200 discount on any battery backup systems, when installing a solar system for your home or business.

Refer a friend who installs solar and earn up to $500 cash upon completion of their installation.  Limit $599 per individual per annual.


Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q:  What are the federal tax incentives?

A:  The Federal Government is currently paying for 25% of the cost of your system via tax  incentives for those who qualify.   The costs to go solar in Utah is less than a number of other States at this time.

Q:  How much does a system usually cost?

A:  The goal is to design a system which produces 100% of your power for the same cost as you pay your utility company at the current time.  However, because energy costs are rapidly going up  year after year,  the long term benefits of going solar increase.   Many families start paying slightly more than their current energy bill knowing that rising costs will soon exceed their monthly loan payments.  Instead of paying the power company year after year, essentially renting your power for life,  you buy your system and own your own power.  In the end, you own your system and only pay an administration fee to the local utility company.   In Utah this is less than $8 per month.  With solar, you lock in your monthly cost and wont be affected by increasing power costs. 

Q:  Can I go off grid and be independent from my local power company.

A:  Yes you can.  Meet with one of our experts and find out about your options.

Q:  Can I pay cash for a system  and save more money?

A:  Yes, naturally, if you pay cash and have no loan, you will save more by not paying interest on a loan.

Q:  Do I have to have a down payment to install a solar system?

A:  For many families, no down payment is needed or desired.  However, some people  choose to "buy-down"  Their solar loan to make

their monthly payments lower.

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